Hello again! and welcome – again!

You’re probably wondering what frame of min gets a person so high on their laziness hat a make a blog about it -I know right! I would wonder too, I would wonder if I didn’t already know that this blog isn’t just me writing about being lazy, actually I do not want to write about being lazy at all, no – I would rather I wrote about quitting Laziness. Yeah! you read right, I am quitting being lazy, or at least I want to – I know, I know, being lazy is so cool and everything, but if you’re lazy and you haven’t figured out that laziness sucks too, then you have a lot of growing up to do!

But I know one thing for sure, it’s not easy quitting anything, especially not when you’re neck deep in it, so I know for sure that it won’t be easy, and I might have some relapses and stuff but I have made up my mind to do it, and that’s just what I’ll do.

So why blog about? I like writing, no! I love writing, I enjoy it but there isn’t a single thing that lazy won’t get in the way of, and it gets in the way of my blog so often that even I would think the blog was dead until I wrote something again. So I figured, what could be better for a lazy person to write about if not her very own laziness, plus the world has got an ‘head’s up’ so if I don’t write anything for a couple of months just because I was too lazy to do it – everyone will understand. No pressure, no fuss, just me doing what I want to when I want to – show me a lazy person who wouldn’t like that.

And then there’s a plus to it, suppose that I am able to quit being lazy, you would expect it to tell on my writing, wouldn’t you? Yeah, I would to. So wish me luck!

Peace be with you…