Have you ever had a moment when you just poured out your heart to a complete stranger, not the kind of stranger who you’ll hope to be friends with later but the kind you’re almost certain you’ll never meet again, and the only reason you did it was because they were strangers? I’m having my moment now, with you…

‘Sometimes I feel like I didn’t grow up right, that I did way too much of some things and way too little others, I feel like I watched way too many movies, I listened to way too much songs, and read way too little books and my mind is ill cultivated – that is if it’s cultivated at all, and that my brain is filled with way too much crap and I’ve ended up to be way too lazy for my own good’

You don’t have to get it, you don’t have to understand it, it is quite enough that I wrote it and you read it.

***Clears throat***

Hey there! you are very welcome to my new blog! if you’re reading my about page to find out what my name is – well, I am not telling. But if your curious mind brought you here to find out who I am – then I dare say that you’ve got a lot of finding out to do.

By now you already figured that I’m black, and a Muslim, I’m writing a blog so I should be educated, I have proclaimed myself lazy so you have no reason to doubt it, whatever else you want to know about me – you’re going to have to stay tuned to find out.

See you around!

Peace be with you…