Sometime, actually I mean most times, I feel that there ought to be more to life than is;

There ought to be more to life than just sleeping and waking

There ought to be more to life than eating and drinking

There ought to be more to life than just watching movies and playing video games

There ought to be more to life than just some basic boring routine passed down across generations

These are some of the things that most people do but,

There certainly ought to be more…

I’m not sure exactly what that more ought to be because I don’t really know a lot of things, and although people say that as you grow older things get clearer, I think that I may have gotten more confused. For instance, after spending all these years going to school, I feel now that it was a fancy waste of time, I don’t know if that is more ridiculous or the fact that I can’t quite figure what I would rather have done instead. You probably like school, most likely because you get to learn a lot, but around here parents spend money on sending their kids to school so that they can grow up, get a good job and make more money, now that isn’t particularly a bad thing, on the contrary it used to pay off once upon a time when going to school diligently and finishing with good grades guaranteed a good job, but these days it doesn’t seem to matter how hard you study or how good your grades are, there just isn’t a thing to do at the end of it all, and frankly I don’t think that it’s worth all the time and stress. And there ought to be more to childhood than school… There ought to be more to look forward to than a job

Also, these days the goal of every teenager’s life is to grow up, get married and have kids – sometimes the kids come first, and then they’ll be happy. One ought to be happy now and not just live based on a concept of a happy future. There is more to life, right? There is friendship, and love, and family and lots of beautiful things, There certainly is a great deal to make a person happy, or is there?


There is a point in one’s life where one is just confused about the way forward, I think that I may be at that point now, I’m usually not the type to whine about life because my life’s philosophy is – whatever was meant to be, will surely be – but I’m only human, and  I’m particularly tired, or confused, or both, or maybe I watched one movie too many and I’m now thinking of fairy tales, or that I’m bored out of mind, or I might just lack basic relationships like friendship, wait I’ve got it – I must be sleep deprived, I tend to malfunction when I don’t sleep well. Whatever, I’m going to bed now! Until next time –


Peace be with you…