For some really strange reason quite unknown to me, I find that I become rather active at night – it’s like my brain suddenly figures out a million and one things that I have to do that day which I of course didn’t think of while I just played during the day, or my brain magically works out a solution to a problem that I was trying to fix or I just find a great motivation to write, like right now. I could have written at any point today for I didn’t quite have much to do but somehow, here I am at 12 midnight, Cool right? No, it sucks.

Now ordinarily, my inability to go to bed early wouldn’t have been much of a problem but we must remember that I am trying to quit being lazy, so while it was cool to sleep in most mornings and just lazy around, it’ll be really silly to think I was giving up lazy and I was still in bed by 9 am, no that won’t be right. For most people who can do with little sleep an entire change in sleep routine may not be necessary but for me – well let me say that I malfunction when I have too little sleep, and thus whatever sleep I lacked at night I must make up for during the day. I remember a time when I didn’t sleep a wink for 2 days and I slept late on the second night, I fell pitifully sick, now I was diagnosed with malaria and typhoid but I had this strong feeling that if I had slept enough then my immune system would have been able to fight it off or something – that’s how much I believe in the power of a beauty sleep. Hmm where was I? Oh! I remember, I need enough sleep to function maximally, thus if I must rise early I must get to bed early.

The longer I think about it, the more my brain tries to convince me that it’s mission impossible – I know, I’ve tried it before and it did quite work out, I have had nights when I just lay in bed from 9 pm or 10 pm and I don’t fall asleep before midnight, I’m just there doing nothing, and I just couldn’t sleep. But I have also had nights when I was almost asleep before I hit the bed, those nights taught me that when you’re tired enough, you don’t need a reason to sleep, actually you don’t even realize you’re going to sleep until you’ve woken up. So if I have to wear myself out everyday just to sleep early at night, then that’s what I’ll do, I’ll deprive myself sleep during the day, and do whatever else it takes and In sha Allah (by God’s grace) I should make sleeping early my routine soon enough.

Okay! Okay! I’m up, I stopped dreaming. Maybe it’s not going to happen just like that – I know it won’t cos I’ve tried – whatever, I’m still going to try again because this time I have you guys to keep me on track, I get to check in and tell you how it’s working out every couple of days. The first thing that I am officially quitting is being a night owl, hereon I am going to be an early bird – tell me the name of a beautiful early bird and I’ll be that one.

Till I write again



Peace be wit you…