Hello! Hello!

You’re welcome to my lazy blog – just in case you didn’t read my about page – where I intend to write about how I quit being Lazy – hopefully. I should like to write about many other things too, many a thing that I never would have mentioned had I told you my name. I should love to write about my religion, about family, about friendship, and mostly about me. I like very much to talk about me, about who I was, about who I am, and about who I ultimately want to be. 

On my about page I mentioned that I may not have grown up right, so I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t think that I’m done growing, there’s a lot of room for change. Join me on my journey – however long it takes – away from laziness and towards productivity for one can’t be lazy and productive at the same time, and I would rather I was productive. I have set up a sort of plan – nothing too rigid – that I would work with, and I will tell you all about it in a bit.

If You’ve ever had to quit anything, then I would sure like a tip or two on what works and stuff, and if you have anything you would like to quit – I should be happy to have you join me.

You are welcome once again, and I will see you around!


PS: Just so we’re clear, if I keep saying that I didn’t grow up right it’s not because my parents were bad – on the contrary they were –are great, I don’t have a bad memory that I can credit to them or anyone else for that matter, I was never maltreated – at least I don’t think that I was, and I was never starved or locked up or any other messed up thing like that, I was brought up okay, but I didn’t grow up too well, now that I think about it, I think that I was just a really dumb kid. I have this great mind – I know now that I do but I just didn’t use it, I didn’t read enough, didn’t study enough, didn’t ask questions – actually I still don’t ask questions, better put than on the change list.

Peace be with you…