Hello! Hello!

You’re welcome to my lazy blog – just in case you didn’t read my about page – where I intend to write about how I quit being Lazy – hopefully. I should like to write about many other things too, many a thing that I never would have mentioned had I told you my name. I should love to write about my religion, about family, about friendship, and mostly about me. I like very much to talk about me, about who I was, about who I am, and about who I ultimately want to be. 

On my about page I mentioned that I may not have grown up right, so I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t think that I’m done growing, there’s a lot of room for change. Join me on my journey – however long it takes – away from laziness and towards productivity for one can’t be lazy and productive at the same time, and I would rather I was productive. I have set up a sort of plan – nothing too rigid – that I would work with, and I will tell you all about it in a bit.

If You’ve ever had to quit anything, then I would sure like a tip or two on what works and stuff, and if you have anything you would like to quit – I should be happy to have you join me.

You are welcome once again, and I will see you around!


PS: Just so we’re clear, if I keep saying that I didn’t grow up right it’s not that I wasn’t raised right, because I was,  I have amazing parents and equally awesome siblings, but growing up isn’t just about how you’re raised, it’s also about your personal growth and development, and it is in this area that I believe that I didn’t grow up right, good thing I’m not done growing!

Peace be with you…