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February 2017


I didn’t die! I didn’t die! I so didn’t die! I ate it but I didn’t die!!! You can’t imagine how relieved I am.

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Night Owl

For some really strange reason quite unknown to me, I find that I become rather active at night – it’s like my brain suddenly figures out a million and one things that I have to do that day which I of course didn’t think of while I just played during the day, or my brain magically works out a solution to a problem that I was trying to fix or I just find a great motivation to write, like right now. I could have written at any point today for I didn’t quite have much to do but somehow, here I am at 12 midnight, Cool right? No, it sucks.

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In – Sane

Have you ever wondered at your sanity, have you ever had cause to question your state of mind? You know, did you ever just ask yourself – am I out of my mind, am I losing it? Well I think that if I grew up better I would have asked myself a lot more than once. But I didn’t, and now that I think about it – wait that’s best kept for later.

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Hello! Hello!

You’re welcome to my lazy blog – just in case you didn’t read my about page – where I intend to write about how I quit being Lazy – hopefully. I should like to write about many other things too, many a thing that I never would have mentioned had I told you my name. I should love to write about my religion, about family, about friendship, and mostly about me. I like very much to talk about me, about who I was, about who I am, and about who I ultimately want to be. 

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