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Hello! Hello!

You’re welcome to my lazy blog – just in case you didn’t read my about page – where I intend to write about how I quit being Lazy – hopefully. I should like to write about many other things too, many a thing that I never would have mentioned had I told you my name. I should love to write about my religion, about family, about friendship, and mostly about me. I like very much to talk about me, about who I was, about who I am, and about who I ultimately want to be. 

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More to Life

Sometime, actually I mean most times, I feel that there ought to be more to life than is;

There ought to be more to life than just sleeping and waking

There ought to be more to life than eating and drinking

There ought to be more to life than just watching movies and playing video games

There ought to be more to life than just some basic boring routine passed down across generations

These are some of the things that most people do but,

There certainly ought to be more…

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Quick Update

Hello guys! I trust that you’ve been great, well I guess by now you already have a decent idea as to why this is a lazy blog Right? I sure wasn’t messing around.  Anyways, here I am again, I sure did feel like writing all this while, I just couldn’t make myself, so I’m glad that I’m finally writing again. Continue reading “Quick Update”


I didn’t die! I didn’t die! I so didn’t die! I ate it but I didn’t die!!! You can’t imagine how relieved I am.

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Night Owl

For some really strange reason quite unknown to me, I find that I become rather active at night – it’s like my brain suddenly figures out a million and one things that I have to do that day which I of course didn’t think of while I just played during the day, or my brain magically works out a solution to a problem that I was trying to fix or I just find a great motivation to write, like right now. I could have written at any point today for I didn’t quite have much to do but somehow, here I am at 12 midnight, Cool right? No, it sucks.

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In – Sane

Have you ever wondered at your sanity, have you ever had cause to question your state of mind? You know, did you ever just ask yourself – am I out of my mind, am I losing it? Well I think that if I grew up better I would have asked myself a lot more than once. But I didn’t, and now that I think about it – wait that’s best kept for later.

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